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The open market value of slump QFII smaller culprit

According to the statistical data information WIND, QFII in the third quarter 2011 shares worth about 55 billion yuan, more than 2011 years in the second quarter of 63.529 billion yuan decrease rate is about 14%. If because of limited sales lifted out of the position, QFII2011 market shares in the third quarter of the decrease rate is about 22%. Combined with the market fall to see, QFII in the third quarter 2011 the obvious reduced their operation.
On Wednesday, the market by international board the upcoming release of rumours influence again slump, B shares become the worst-hit areas. In addition, by the central bank in October to reduce the gap of foreign exchange is 24.9 billion yuan, this is since December 2007 for first time since negative growth. "Hot money flow", "foreign smoke escape" become the hottest in the discussion of the investors. According to reporter understanding, the third battery booster cable quarter QFII position varieties with weak trend, but because of the whole open market value is small, is difficult to market panic caused by impact.
QFII sharply reduce held A shares in the third quarter
From the third quarter around specific, reduce held stock situation, the influential QFII 27 stock, less than the second quarter 19 only; In the third quarter QFII holdings by 36 stocks, and the data for the second quarter 30 only. In addition, in the third quarter of the new QFII 59 stocks (the second quarter 69 new stock); The third quarter of the share ratio of the same stock have only 65 (the second quarter for 79 only). These data shows that the third quarter QFII shares drop.
Three quarters of holdings to a larger extent QFII stocks have diving medical treatment, and jiangte cars,,,, including jiangte automobile holdings range up to 48.3%. From QFII holdings perspective, at present the whole of the open market value of the big is small and medium-sized bank shares the bounds of lift in the third quarter,,,,, open totaled china booster cable more than 3 billion shares, of which Beijing bank and the industrial bank more than 2.3 billion shares. If QFII see empty A shares sharply reduce held, that small and medium-sized bank stocks is undoubtedly the most ideal "empty" tool. According to information data showed that WIND, open small and medium-sized bank shares respectively AnZhi Dutch foreign institutions Banks, hang seng bank, French Paris bank, deutsche bank.
Investment moody lead to rises and falls
A senior market experts told reporters Wednesday market crash is because of "foreign smoke escape" view is obviously a lack of evidence. First of all foreign institutions currently open market value for A shares the markets insignificant. Its open bank shares of market value than to see, even if its hands out all the chip, are not necessarily caused much influence on the market. Another B shares of foreign capital market value is market pitifully small. Wednesday's market crash the deeper reason or at present our country stock market and the economy were auto booster cable in the face of cuts trends, investors mood volatile, by all kinds of rumours stock index of the influence of the rises and falls.
In Wednesday's collapse in, Beijing bank and the industrial bank fall are less than 3% (down 3.27% on the day of the grail). And nearly a month since, the heavy falls QFII position respectively, and varieties,,, one of the biggest drop nearly a month fell more than 14%. But, to open these varieties QFII market value is small, open market value larger only ubs position of su ning electric equipment, owning more than 60 million stocks, but the su ning electric equipment is in the fall when the market slump is only 2.79%.
A fund's chief investment officer told reporters, in fact, the so-called "hot money flow", "foreign smoke escape", and foreign institutions of the normal QFII investment business the distinction that having essence. QFII is influenced by our country in regulatory audit strictly made into A shares the foreign capital, through the legal compliance investment channel investment, foreign overall has A small scale, the release of the amount and the examination jumper cables and approval of demand exceeding supply is still in the stage. And hot money inflow and outflow, general meeting is reflected in China's foreign exchange the exact figures of the gap, and set foot in the range is very wide also, the stock market investment is just one part of the small, the so-called hot money out of the stock market and no influence on imagination in so big. At present the A share market weakness, the key is economic prospects and enterprise profitability expected caused by poor.