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China finished 1025 employment goals to implement

     The state council of China convened by the standing conference was made clear "1025" period of employment main objectives: new town the employment of 45 million people, the surplus agricultural labor transfer the employment of 40 million people, registered urban unemployment rate within 5% and the social security system covers all worker, employment stability obviously improved.
     2006-2010, China to realize new annual town the employment of 11.4 million people; Registered urban unemployment rate within 4.3%; The surplus agricultural labor to non-agricultural employment industrial transfer nearly 45 million people, the successful completion of the "eleventh five-year plan" period of employment goals put forward.
     But faced with "1025" period of China will continue toglue gun increase total employment pressure, town need to obtain employment annual labor than "eleventh five-year plan" period up 1 million the grim situation, to complete the meeting targets, China has apparently still need to pay more effort.
     "From on macroscopic to see, China must adjust the economic structure, and the development of the third industry, promote industrial upgrading, creates the more 'white collar workers' jobs, to make students realize full employment." The central party school professor ZhouTianYong (the Po) said, "but in the long run, because the international industry chain, China's current downstream need is' blue-collar 'post."
     In recent years, the working population-especially the college students-difficult employment has become widespread social topic, and this kind of phenomenon long-term and enterprise "hire difficult" coexist, more reflects the serious situation of China's structural unemployment.
Structural unemployment is to show laborer skills and hot glue gun employment intention and post conditions discrepant. With the development of society, more and more work needs to have a laborer of skills, the problem is more prominent.
     Following macro group's human resources manager told reporters LiuZhen righteousness, for the high-tech enterprise speaking, it is difficult to in the Labour market and recruit to the appropriate personnel. The group's most employees from school "order", and professional is mainly a mechanical and electrical appliances automation, into the group will after three to six months of training to mount guard.
     Hunan provincial people's government ZhaoXiangPing economic adviser, said the current, on the one hand, the job market car, pliers, need water, electricity,booster cable welding and other kinds of technical talented person, on the other hand, is laborer for a lack of skills and find a job. That is, the workers take 3, 5 days training top gang of system already can not adapt to the need of the society, but should be to system, professional training.
     In addition to increase strength training, solving the employment problem will also need to cover the social security of migrant workers group. According to the statistics, the peasant workers now close to 70% is "80" and "90", most of them are not kind of a field, and don't want to go home farming, but want to stay in the city life, development.
     "And now workers in the policy or follow before, let thejumper cable migrant workers found a work went, earn a month one thousand dollars, deal with salary, this is it won't work." ZhaoXiangPing said, "government, enterprise and society to take into account, the new generation migrant workers want to become citizens, and we didn't make this part of the city people absorb, including all kinds of policies and to treatment, employment and social security of preferential, etc."
     "Society does not give them accurate positioning, they themselves are mini glue gun not accurate positioning, they always melt into the city. On the one hand, not the city of children education cannot be met, on the other hand, their own value can not be achieved." Heilongjiang zhengda industrial Co., LTD. The chairman JiangHongBin said, "society and the enterprise to as part of the development of rural migrant workers, not as a tool, want to use and then use, squeezing use sex, of course, the influence the farmers to the enthusiasm of employment
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