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Enterprises should build their own a piece of the sea

      December 17, 2011 by the first financial, ningxia TV and all the media is jointly held the "third China industry leaders BBS and 2011 business leaders · venture xinrui trophy" held in Shanghai. The chairman CaiXianPei bo luoni division do theme speech.
      CaiXianPei: I'm more like risk, in more than a year I, my mother hug me, follow me father in henan university medical school to west henan migration, glue gun ran to the song county in funiu, Japan after come over later, over the qinling, in tianshui, in 1946 we will be back to henan kaifeng, followed by war of liberation, then 47 years run to guilin and then liberated in 1949, 1950 years started to up the junior high school, 14 years old up the junior high school. So in the junior middle school before, I didn't go to the elementary school, I always have no one bundle, free development, with children play together, mountain climbing, into the is, and then playing slingshot, to catch a bird, what all dry, since the childhood formed the judgment, the coordinated ability is very good, feels very good, high school, college, basketball, volleyball, table tennis, badminton, what all play, this will come to a person in more experience, contact the nature.
      I will conclude a name card of body and mind health law, hot glue gun a common heart, in a good mood, is close to nature, often run, dou, does not fear the rain bask in, set up a good goal, every day to strive, to give up smoking less wine, away from the HuangDuDu, this is one long life and good health, I think it is the law, who violate this law, the life of the who lower.
      Last spring, CCTV nets to I took 40 minutes of movies, and I think I grew up imagination is better, you all have children, have to protect the imagination of children and curiosity, imaginative, have pursuit, with curiosity, too, will go to the adventure, had the imagination, dream, fantasy, this to one person is the most precious thing. Today I want to say two parts, one part is that everyone, especially the young people of business, I came up and experience to tell you, if you want to business success, you must let oneself to play, you must practice yourself, I summarized a practice law, three heart, three dozen, three gen, three since, is to have a new, ordinary love's heart, enterprising heart, three big, is to the atmosphere, and easy, three since is confidence, self-improvement, self-discipline, three ", is a technology  innovation, system innovation, business model innovation. And then the knowledge the technical level, you need to have a profound knowledge, you need to have booster cable  a dialectical thinking, the open horizon, the keen insight, such basic venture literacy, let oneself more, let oneself of the goal, the oath not to give up. Once meet difficulties of all kinds of, must have thought preparation, fell also can climb up, and in 1986 I shougang retired down, and then start doing the division appliances, smoke lampblack machine, and then make the whole kitchen, hutch ark, do well, later found out that we had sofa, the home installs all industries, and all of the continuous, later found a home outfit is leading, in we would be a strategic decision, established in Beijing a life experience museum, eight thousand square meters, there are seven decoration pattern to everybody, so a look, in the mind feel, we now development between 16 platform, we do live in total solution.
      From to now have the 67 years, do well, but more and more tired, and my son works every day ShiBaJiuGe hours, tired of death. I have been trying to help it, in detail, the industry too hard to do, we face a year LiangSanWanGe customers from construction design, supporting service, all down, cheap tens of dollars a project, you have to be three months, six months or even a year, so more than twenty thousand terminal customers face, you again, also do not go, jumper cable ten few has become the industry's biggest, result we understand this industry more than $twenty thousand market, is greater than the car industry, facing three hundred million Chinese families, and decorate on, more than 20 of the decoration company, but the industry's profits hurt, do a bottleneck is tens, do 1.2 billion is big business, making five above is very few, we've made it.
      We want to make a practical foundation, a venture fund, and to do two listed companies, to write two books, take two movies, last year I set, to do 20 years, achieve the goal, the target is very big, but once I see my enterprise, do ten few, make a year a more than, is tired so can't stand, so last year, recently a year and a half time, I learned five version of the business model of curriculum, I was looking and searching, how to let the domestic outfit industry will be a great company, like the current business model, direct to customers who do not quite, because the process is too long, too complex, do not control factor is too much, the industry is in a mess, is all the guerrillas, decorate of people with experience, whose home is decorated, life has a wide repertoire of gas, decoration company boss also earn nothing in the money, the industry has such a state.
      So I have been think, how to integrate the industry, so I learned mini glue gun five version of the business model, of course, have LinWeiXian business model, and I am in this more than a year to learn dialectical, class everyday, everyday thinking, recently learned is the Tracy, 68 years old, in Shanghai speak for three days and three nights, he is Welch teacher, and Bill Gates, warren buffett of consultants. Everyone, big companies the top companies in the genes are, I have now confirmed what to do. I don't into the red sea, also do not into the blue ocean, I made a piece of the sea, one day, I was a land of the inside of the heaven and earth emperor, I make the rules of the game, I want to integrate industry, output system, help one thousand to two of its franchisees, let them for customer service, and each alliance business do one to two, excelsior, according to my standards promulgated by the rules and tools, talent training, output to it, like McDonald's (the Po), open a McDonald's shop is very easy, all give you, and we could go to such output system, each one to do a couple of, we want to make billions of market value, this is one of my goals.
      The first two days of the meeting in shenzhen rich countries say it out, hope that you support, won the support of the industry, won the support of the industry association and the industry inside and outside elite industry, to have
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