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Hardware tools market brand effect is analyzed

      As is known to all, hardware tools is labor intensive, our country has the traditional competitive advantage, as rich countries the faded out from manufacturing, our product has the ability to occupy the world leading position of hardware tools, but it is undeniable that at present our country hardware production technology and international level and many gap, a lot of enterprises no new product research and development department, have more very person even professional technology personnel all have no. Therefore, our country product can only in low and international product competition.
Review of the development process, glue gun from the 1990 s began, through effort, in our country electric tool market, domestic electric power tools of the leading position gradually formed, in recent years, received further consolidate. From the aspects of information collection show, in the domestic market power tools, domestic electric power tools sales quantity already accounts for 90% of the total sales, and various kinds of imported brand product is only 10% share of the market. Foreign electric tool market, China manufacturing scale expands unceasingly, China has become a foreign power tools production base.
      Hardware tools market brand effect is obvious
      From the first half of 2008 on, domestic electric tools brand prevailed and become the leading market. Concerned expert thinks, another five years or 10 years, power tools in China market, the share of domestic electric power tools will also improved, hot glue gun and its competitiveness will be more strong, the main reason is that domestic electric power tools both appearance, or internal quality are basic or already can and import brand to compete, but sales price but only a third of the imported brand, even lower.
      Many import and export brand electric tools (portable tool, will move a type tools, garden tools) are made by many domestic electric tool enterprise "set" brand of production, which also includes many professional or half a professional electric tools. Since international well-known power tools for enterprise OEM production professional, half a professional electric tools, and of course your production in the independent brand electric tools level also can reach the level of foreign products. According to information, there is a domestic electric tool enterprise, in for an international electric tools well-known enterprise OEM production certain kinds of electric tools, booster cable still insisted on manufactured by ourselves independent brand products of high quality and good in (especially in service life) OEM products, so as to maintain the independent intellectual property rights, no because production OEM brand for your own patent "contributions" to foreign. This kind of practice is very correct, even if the future get the famous foreign electric tool enterprise order, also want to maintain their own intellectual property rights and high quality products, and to do so is that domestic market share has been consolidated and year after year expand. Anyone who do enterprise, product competitive ability is strong and powerful.
      The domestic power tools to market power tools quality and brand to be more selective, whether power tools dealer, or the direct users, the importance of quality power tools and brand. Therefore, the market is going well quality, good brand electric tools the slope of the increase. This is a kind of progress that electric tool market matures. Because of this, the domestic electric tool market brand awareness and brand effect is more outstanding,jumper cable  many electric tools dealers, especially the strength and the size of the slightly power tools dealers, good brand power tools for distribution to show high enthusiasm. Also because of this, get China famous brand of home electric tools enterprise of the six famous brand products and a batch of obtain province (city) famous brand power tools to the market products better care, generally feel market in great demand, production is busy, some even Shouting "too late production".
       To our knowledge, Shanghai sharp odd tools Co., LTD, zhejiang and electric appliance Co., LTD, iron? Electric tools Co., LTD, JiangSuDong into electric tools Co., LTD and other products of good quality, brand of excellent electric tools enterprise, marketing situation all very good. Industry insiders reflect, like JiangSuDong into electric tools Co., LTD production of east into brand electric tools, market sells well, many dealers competing to agency or management, and to operate carefully, has had a positive effect. In order to expand the market, JiangSuDong into electric tools Co., LTD and strengthen the marketing management and after-sales service, and promoting the east into brand stores, not only effectively promote the market marketing, also contain the counterfeit products breed.
      At present, China's power tool industry production management situation remains robust. The domestic market demand is still great power tools, mini glue gun will promote domestic enterprise mainly in the enterprise production operation to the good development direction. But people also noticed that the foreign trade export the difficulty they have ever met, many only the original export power tools make foreign trade enterprise to or has turned to the domestic market, adding to a domestic electric tool market  competition. Those in the face of difficulties to take "guard" potential, we grow old by deserting our idea of enterprise, I'm afraid I will encounter more crisis. And the name of the foreign import hardware tools enterprise but pay attention to the design of new products, the research and development department of every year to users in a planned way a lot of investigation and research, and on the basis of the design of the new product. The international famous hardware tools companies such as Stanley in Chinese OEM order, every year there are new products appear. So, we want to see the gap, continuous learning beyond can better development.
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