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Our company is a professional factory which manufactures Glue gun, Hot glue gun, Booster cable, Auto Emergency Tools, Extension cord,Trouble Light,Spray Gun, Soldering Gun and other electric hand tools.

Landa to high-end market national brand

      2008 years of financial crisis seriously impact the country's hardware industry, many foreign trade export dependence higher hardware the production and operation of enterprises face difficulties, will eye on the domestic market, and the domestic market turns to become some years of national brand are in the preliminary stage of upgrading, can more easily face financial crisis situation. Landa as a national brand, in domestic and international market have higher visibility and influence, the company in ZhuJuanFeng under the leadership of chairman, glue gun seize the 2009 that is both opportunities and challenges in the crisis is a year, in many industry come to the fore, not only resist the the impact of the financial crises, and also managed to seize the opportunity, widened the gap with other enterprises, and stable landa group industry leading enterprise status.
      Tree brand phenomenon and international brand
      The blue of the company since the creation of the beginning of the established "tree brand phenomenon and international brand" the quality policy, in the process of enterprise development continue to establish brand products tireless efforts, won many results. LAND brand is "Chinese famous brand", "China's export famous brand" and "zhejiang saves famous label", independent research and development of laser to create digital display involving listed as "national torch project", pliers won the "China famous brand pliers ten" title.hot glue gun  The financial crisis in the background, the blue of group seize the opportunity, firm the company's brand development strategy, research and design new high-end products, innovative management system, and through ISO9001 and ISO14001 double the authentication, the introduction of advanced ERP resource management information system, 6 S management mode and JIT production management mode. For the financial crisis after the development strategy, and the chairman said: "tree brand image, and international famous brand" is our future long-term goal. In order to achieve this goal, we will keep on trying.
      Subdivision domestic market make high-end products
      Landa group professional production level feet, tape, pliers, booster cable  such as laser gauge and cleaning machine, five into the vacuum cleaner and other home appliances; Series products through UL, CE, GS/MID, EEC, FDA, FCC, SAA, ETL etc many international authentication security and technology, and the domestic and foreign product appearance patent, patent for utility model, the total of more than 120 patent for invention. In 2009, our company was awarded "zhejiang patent example enterprise" and "ningbo first batch of science and technology enterprise". With the deepening of economic globalization, consumer values, consumption habit gradually change, landa group actively make the adjustment and segments of the domestic market, roll out series of works and other high-end products, obtain the numerous customers, blue as a group to stabilize high-end consumer market face financial crisis in 2009, the success of financial crisis jumper cable  China out of the negative influence of hardware industry, and for good up contrarian performance.
      Mining development potential to promote sustainable development
      As the Chinese hardware industry leading companies, professional gauge of electric tool manufacturers, companies adhering to the "DingXin is said to ZhiXin into" business philosophy, with innovative technology team, pragmatic marketing team and experienced management team, improve the comprehensive strength, enterprise develop rapidly. And the chairman said: "as enterprise grown, the enterprise will be more and more considered return society and take on more social responsibility". Companies adhere to the executive "improve the environmental performance, looking for sustainable development" the environment policy,mini glue gun  in the process of production actively develop energy conservation and environmental protection new technology. In the construction of the talents, blue for the social public to provide a lot of jobs, and promote social harmony and company personnel training. In 2008, our company was the local government voted "to social responsibility advanced unit". Do not experience rains and winds, how can we see the rainbow. Landa group in under the leadership of chairman zhu, seize the financial crisis to bring the historical opportunity, faster to more health professional and international hardware industry brand goal!
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