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Machine tool market demand picks up

      In the discussion of whether the economy was agent has not been cleared of the lingering sound, machine tool industry market feedback information display, market order in gradually picking up, machine tool manufacturers of the future market most optimistic.
      The manufacturer to future with confidence
      According to the investigation of industry enterprise interview show,glue gun most enterprise at present order are increased, the manufacturers of the future market demand positively. What be worth to be carried particularly is, some of the high-end product line remains the need to work overtime to drive product hot situation.
      In the interview, a machine tool industry officials say, due to current industry demand picking up, plus the enterprise itself has taken aggressive measures, the products of the company are compared to the previous order has considerably to bounce back.hot glue gun   He especially stressed that the financial crisis of the environment, in order to strengthen the competitiveness of the enterprise itself, will be seeking to boost production method, hot glue gun  so the quality and performance of machine put forward higher request.
China as Asia and the world as a machine tool industry rapid development, consumer's largest developing country, although in the outbreak after the financial crisis, the machine tool industry in China have also been greatly affected. However, the Chinese government adopted a series of positive for the entire industry recovery measures, including economic stimulus 4 trillion yuan investment and national ten industry the planning, and actively expanding domestic demand and other policies.
      Since 2009, the average monthly car sales in more than 1 million vehicles, and foreign auto market form bright contrast; Wind and nuclear power project has come on stage, the energy industry investment appeared quite scale growth; Beijing to Shanghai of the jinghu high speed railway begin construction; The aerospace industry in national policies continuously developing. The development of the industry for machine tool industry a new round of growth provides a powerful force.
      1-in August, in domestic demand policy stimulating, machine tool industry a touch on the rebound, the monthly output data up data already low-34% by narrowing to-9%, show a touch on the rebound, numerical control machine tool of better than in conventional machine tools in August, the numerical control machine production rate of 5%, with the whole machine as-9%. Because China's export machine of smaller, thus machine tool industry hit bottom mainly by the policy effect on domestic demand rebound.
      ut from earnings indicators, 1-August total profit of machine tool industry year-on-year still negative growth.
      Specific machine tool industry from downstream industry, booster cable  automobile industry is the main downstream machine tool industry. Industry analysis showed that, in the first three, in the relevant policy to promote, China's auto industry appeared at prices, especially in August automobile production year-on-year growth of up to a record high. From the car industry and machine tool industry trend to see, in January 2007 to January 2009 showed a higher between two identical relations, but the identical relations in February 2009 after appeared to deviate from. Analysis suggested that this was due to the car industry to expand capacity lags behind, the departure is not likely to last a long time. The fourth quarter with the increased production, the departure will gradually narrowing. Because 2008 quarter machine tool industry production base is low, machine tool industry four quarter is expected to positive growth.
      For now, almost all of the manufacturers are spare no effort to improve the product specification, some strong enterprise's aim is to gradually fill blank industry, to keep the railway, rail traffic, wind power and other typical industry, mining potential customers. jumper cable  But along with the whole economy is gradually recovery, car, engineering machinery, electronics, medical equipment and spare parts industry development based on machine tool industry has a huge demand. The officials think, machine tool manufacturers in the future will be more attention for various sectors of user needs to provide targeted service, this is the future direction of the products.
The surrounding market synchronous thaw
      In April this year and three reflects different market warms up, even though the market in picking up, but most of the manufacturers of the future market is not optimistic, but right now this is not optimistic mood is changing. The market for the future, though there are many uncertain factors, but many manufacturers of the future market optimistic. And other Asian machine tool market picks up also bring faith.
      Japanese machine tool industry association (JMTBA) released October 8, the country's September machine tools in order than fell 61.9%, month than in the growth of 36.2%, to 43.295 billion yen. Among them, 55.6% reduction in domestic order, month increased by 52.6%, to 19.517 billion yen, down 65.8% in overseas market, month increased by 25.1%, to 23.778 billion yen.
      South Korea machine tool manufacturers association (KOMA) released statistics show that in August 2009, South Korea output value 104.277 billion won for machine tool (10000 won about equal to 57.25 yuan RMB), than in July, down 11.42%, 51.2% lower than the same period last year; But new machine order 136.527 billion won, than July increase of 13.35%.
      It is reported, South Korea machine from the second half of 2008 orders started slowed sharply, to January 2009 reached its lowest point. Since February mini glue gun this year after since, South Korea machine order began a slow picks up, thanks mainly to the international markets are stable, and its own shipbuilding, wind power and other large mechanical demand continue to rise and the electric appliance and electronics industry demand growth.
      Should see, order recovery is the steady, and prospects can be expected. And manufacturing all walks of life market rebounded steadily is further indication that entity economy is already gradually up well.
      In addition, from the main raw materials--steel price running trend, at present, China's steel capacity serious surplus, and the fourth quarter steel prices less pressure, therefore, the fourth quarter profit machine tool industry of the space is larger, it will be good machine enterprise profitability.
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